“I’d like to thank you for handling the recent auction of my dad’s estate in Cortland, NY—property and possessions.  I knew that cleaning out the house and getting it ready for sale was an overwhelming job.  After a personal meeting with you and Alfred, I was certain that having Z and R Auction Co. conduct an auction was the way to go.  I am grateful that you kept in contact with me every step of the way since I don’t live nearby.  Z and R Auction Co. inventoried and photographed the belongings, cleaned out the property, advertised and were prepared for the auction in about 8 weeks.  Initially, it was a difficult decision for me to make, but because of your family’s hard work, communication and honesty I know an auction was the right decision.  Thank you to everyone involved.”



Suzanne Trinder (Estate of James E. Dexter)

“After my brother Randy passed away, it was a very emotional time for the family to go through his house and personal effects to figure out what to do. It became overwhelming until I got got in touch with Brent and his team. He quickly eased our concerns about holding an auction, cleaning out the house, and securing the property. On the eve before the auction, he personally stood watch over the property before the auction got underway. Brent and his team were prepared and organized on auction day which was completed in less than 4 hours. I am impressed with his professionalism, respect and dedication during a time of family hardship. As a military veteran, it is good to know there are dedicated professionals near Roseboom like Brent. I can’t thank your team enough and would strongly recommend your company for future estate auctions.”
Scott Higgins Sr. (Estate of Randy Higgins)

Real Estate, tractor, quality tools, antiques and household auction-Dryden, NY October 2018

Feel Free to call client -Richard Westfall (executor) cell- 607-351-0471  home- 607-218-6363



Real estate, truck, Harley, tractors, quality tools, antique and household auction-Corning, NY-April 2019

Feel free to call client-Brian Heffner (executor) 607-594-6773

Real estate and personal property auction-Cortland, NY-August 2019

Feel free to contact client-Claudia Nesbitt (executrix) email- seamster12@aol.com  cell-727-847-3967  other- 727-267-2776

RV, guns/ammo, car, boat, body shop, parts and equipment, tools, beautiful diamond ring and clean household furnishings auction-Cortland, NY-June 2019

Feel free to call client-Brad Nelson (seller) cell-607-345-0055

Real Estate Auction – Averill Park, NY- September, 2019

Feel free to contact client – Douglas Weber (executor) email- Daweber.harley@gmail.com  cell-602-705-9209

“I hired Z and R Auctions to help with selling a parent’s estate.  Not only do I feel I received a good deal, but Brent was very proactive.  He managed everything for the auction and addressed several concerns when our first attempted auction was interrupted by COVID-19.  He communicated constantly, and I feel his team over delivered on all of their promises.  I recommend them for a smooth, professional experience.”

David Kailer, Esq., M.P.A. davidjkailer@gmail.com